New Parent Classes

Infant Care Classes
Classes provide parents with an understanding of the infant’s world along with basic skills necessary to care for the infant.

Classes are held the last Wednesday of every month from 0900-1100 at Bldg 1200, the Forum.  Please register for the class prior to attending.

Parenting Classes

The course is in 3 week blocks and are for parents of children from birth to 6 years of age.  The class is held at Bldg 1200, the Forum, on Mondays from 1000-1100.  The course gives parents valuable information and teaches an overview of parenting techniques. Join us Tuesdays at the CDC (Bldg 1317) from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Free Childcare is provided for children registered with the CDC. Please register for the class prior to attending.


This is an interactive play group designed to teach parents developmentally appropriate play and to help children ages 0-3years improve their social, cognitive and motor skills. Playmornings are every Tuesday & Thursday (except during Max Leave) from 9:30am to 11am at Bldg 1315, the CYS gym. *During the summer break play morning may be suspended due to a lack of space to hold the class.*

Home Visits

This is a chance to form a warm, caring bond with a professional who can talk about your concerns as a parent or parent-to-be in the privacy of your home. Visits are scheduled at your convenience on your own time.

To schedule an in home appointment, please call ACS at (760) 380-4021 or (760) 380-3028.

Why get involved?

To become more confident as a parent.
To understand the ages and stages of your child’s development in order to make wiser choices.
To develop a support system.
To lessen stress.
To improve communication between you and your spouse.
To develop common ground with your spouse in the area of parenting.
To improve your relationship with your children.
To develop new friendships.
To make parenting fun.
To be a better parent to your children.
To feel more at home in the military community.