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  • In the next part of the nomination form, please do NOT use the nominee's name. Use he/she/they depending on who is being nominated. Please state why you believe the above individual, family, group, or youth deserves the award. Be as specific as possible. We recommend first typing your answers up in Microsoft Word or another similar program that checks for spelling and grammar, and then having another set of eyes read over your answers if possible. The point values the judges will be using are listed beneath each category. Be sure to spend more time on the higher value categories. The more packets submitted on an individual, the greater the chance of that person or group receiving an award.
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Army Volunteer Corps Program

Army Community Service (ACS) is the home to the Army Volunteer Corps, which is the center of volunteer recruitment, referral, recognition and advocacy efforts for Fort Irwin. Volunteers are needed in a wide variety of positions throughout the installation. Through volunteer service, individuals can learn or enhance skills, get to know the community and meet new people, build their resumes, and more.

In 2011 there were 20,686 volunteer hours recorded. This computes to $450,748 that Fort Irwin saved from volunteers working on the installation. There are many services available to the installation that wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. We currently have over 600 volunteers – come join the force!


outstanding volunteer service largeBecoming a Volunteer

All volunteers must register through the Volunteer Management Information System, or VMIS, which can be accessed through ARMY OneSource. By doing this, volunteers can record and track their hours, which are then verified by their volunteer supervisor. This is a great tool for tracking your volunteerism. You can use the information on resumes, in job interviews, and to apply for awards such as the Volunteers of the Year Award or the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM).

The MOVSM is on the list of awards and decorations that earn promotion points for advancement to sergeant and staff sergeant. Soldiers who have earned the MOVSM can be awarded 15 promotion points in the awards section of the Promotion Point Worksheet, DA Form 3355. Read more. (Source:


Finding the Right OpportunityMy Army One Source

Step 1: Visit, and select “Volunteer Tools” from the menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select CA, then Fort Irwin – National Training Center.

Step 3: Browse through the volunteer opportunities to find one you’d like to do. You can narrow your search by organization.

Step 4: Select a position, and click apply. Fill out your information, and you will be contacted shortly by the Army Volunteer Corps Program manager.

If you don’t see anything that’s a good fit for you, contact the Army Volunteer Corps Program, and we can create a new position! We welcome you as a valuable resource to the Fort Irwin community and would be honored for you to share you time and talents with us.


Featured Opportunities

Army Community Service is short on manpower and could use your help in the following areas:

POC: Tony Untalan, Army Volunteer Corps Program manager – (760) 380-8422 or

>> Be a Girl Scout leader!

>> The American Red Cross is in need of adult and youth volunteers. POC: 380-3697.


Desert Mana, a shelter that serves the homeless population in Barstow, needs help unloading their food truck and sorting items every Thursday at 1100. You will need to report to the admin office on 201 1st Ave, Barstow CA. You will then help the other volunteers sort food boxes in the church basement. If you would like more details, call Steven at (760) 256-7797.

Barstow Hospital Front Desk or Gift Shop or Blood Bank

Pick up volunteer application at the Gift Shop or Front Desk at the Barstow Hospital.


  • Volunteer Training




Be the mayor or vice mayor of your community (i.e. Crackerjack Flats) and make a difference by being a “Good Neighbor” Ambassador and bringing housing issues to light!


  • $100 off cleaning bill for PCS or ETS (minimum 1 yr service)
  • Letter of Recommendation (minimum 1 yr service )
  • Parking Pass (minimum 3 months service)
  • 10 hours of free childcare/month


2012 Mayoral Issues


Community Facebook Pages


Before contacting your mayor or the main office line with any issues or concerns you might have, please contact your community manager. They are your first point of contact for resolving issues in your community.

Coyote Springs, Tiefort View, Mojave

Bronwynn Blackmon, Senior Community Manager

888-419-6499 ext 3709

Sleepy Hollow, Sandy Basin

Adrena Sheriff, Community Manager

888-419-6499 ext 3725

Desert Winds, Calico Estates, Dove Gulch, Sage Brush, Granite Canyon

Alisha Lewis, Leasing Manager

888-419-6499 ext 3713

Crackerjack Flats, Cactus Cove, Bitter Springs

Evita Mazari

888-419-6499 ext 3712

The Villages at Fort Irwin

4553 Tippecanoe Fort Irwin, CA 92310

Main Office: (760) 386-4663

Work Order Request Line: (855) 646-6420

For more housing info, go to

Tony Untalan

(760) 380-8422

Bldg 1317 on Normandy Dr.