Winterfest Guest: Tracy Lee Stum, 3D Chalk Artist

Melting works of art at the 2011 Lake Worth Street Painting Festival | Tracy Lee Stum

3D chalk artist Tracy Lee Stum is the world’s foremost interactive street painter, and she’s coming to Fort Irwin for Winterfest!

3D chalk drawings, or street paintings, are created by using the technique of perspective. When Stum draws, she sketches her designs ahead of time so that the finished product looks like it’s coming out of the ground at the viewer. The most exciting part is that many of her drawings, including the one she’s going to create for Winterfest, are designed to have a spot where people can stand and become part of the drawing.



Stum will be working on a holiday-themed 3D chalk drawing in the Town Center December 12-15. Everyone is welcome, and encouraged, to pull up a chair in the Town Center and watch her work on the drawing as it comes to life. Be sure to bring a camera and invite your friends. Stum will put the final touches on the painting on Saturday, December 15, during the Winterfest event. The drawing should be complete by 2:00pm that day, and will stay in place throughout the holiday season or until it rains.

We would like to thank Tracy for graciously donating her time and talents to create something truly wonderful for our Fort Irwin Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and Retirees to enjoy this holiday season.

Tracy has also agreed to take a break on one of her work days (December 12-14 in the Town Center) to do a workshop for the kids, and possibly adults, who would like to learn about chalk drawing. Keep an eye on the Winterfest page of for more information.

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    Cool! Looking forward to this!

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